Template:Infobox Military Conflict Template:Campaignbox Wars of Alexander the Great During the Siege of Gaza, Alexander the Great, by utilizing the engines he had employed against Tyre, succeeded in reaching the walls. After three unsuccessful assaults, the stronghold was taken by storm.[1] During the siege Alexander received a shoulder wound.

The stronghold was built on a hill and was heavily fortified.[2] Upon Alexander's advance to Egypt the inhabitants of Gaza and their Nabataean allies did not want to lose the lucrative trade which was controlled by Gaza.[2] Batis, the commander of the fortress of Gaza, refused to surrender him. When Gaza was taken, the male population was put to the sword and the women and children were sold into slavery.

According to the Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus, Batis was killed by Alexander in imitation of Achilles' treatment of the fallen Hector. A rope was forced through Batis's ankles, probably between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon, and Batis was dragged alive by chariot beneath the walls of the city. Alexander, who admired courage in his enemies and might have been inclined to show mercy to the brave Persian general, was infuriated at Batis's refusal to kneel and by the enemy commander's haughty silence and contemptuous manner.


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